Penal Code Amendment Controversy

Penal Code Amendment Controversy


Amendment to Sri Lankan Penal Code Sparks Debate: Implications of Recent Revisions

Gazette notification on February 13, 2024, unveiled alterations to the Penal Code mandated by Minister of Justice Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

Ground-breaking aspect: Recognition that men can also be victims of rape, replacing gender-specific language with gender-neutral terms.

Marital rape criminalized, addressing longstanding demand of advocacy groups and emphasizing necessity of consent within marriage.

Implicit repeal of provisions allowing sexual intercourse with underage spouses, aligning with international standards and safeguarding rights of minors.

Introduction of nuanced approach to sentencing in cases involving underage victims and young offenders.

Judges granted discretion to consider mitigating factors and ensure fair judgments, reflecting commitment to justice and equality.

Apprehensions arise regarding rationale behind proposals and potential consequences for vulnerable individuals.

Need for transparent and evidence-based decision-making processes to address societal concerns effectively.

Ongoing efforts to shape legal frameworks underscore importance of comprehensive evaluation and stakeholder engagement.

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