Prasanna  Land Controversy…..

Prasanna Land Controversy…..

Minister Prasanna Ranathunga is once again in the spotlight over a alleged  land grabbing issue.The story has been circulating for some time but now fresh evidence is emerging.

The situation involving Minister Prasanna Ranatunga and the disputed land adjacent to Perera Mawatha in Thalawathugoda involves several contentious points from different perspectives:

Accusations by Ranjeewi De Silva:

Accuses Minister Ranatunga of filling up a canal reserve previously used as a garbage dumping ground.
Alleges that Minister Ranatunga forcibly acquired state-owned land and conducted reclamation and development activities there.
Claims that Minister Ranatunga’s office container has been placed on land designated for the protection of the canal, obstructing access and preventing cleaning of the canal.
Claims that the minister has constructed his office in a manner that obstructs rainwater drainage, leading to potential flooding issues.
Asserts that Minister Ranatunga has unlawfully occupied and expanded upon reserved government land.
Alleges that Minister Ranatunga has removed and burned signboards indicating state ownership of the land and has not vacated the land despite court orders to do so.

Legal Action and Government Responses:

Legal actions have been initiated against Minister Ranatunga regarding the land dispute.
The Urban Development Authority leased the disputed land to Minister Ranatunga’s wife, Maureen Stella Ranatunga.
Minister Ranatunga denies the accusations, stating that his wife legally purchased the land and obtained approvals for development.
Claims that no court decision has been issued to vacate the land.
The Sri Lanka Land Development Corporation Chairman, Hiran Balasuriya, asserts that measures taken, such as constructing a side wall, were in accordance with legal provisions and to prevent soil erosion.
The Urban Development Authority Director-General, N.P.K. Ranaweera, defends the lease of land to Minister Ranatunga’s wife, stating it followed proper procedures.


Comments from Minister Ranatunga:

Minister Ranatunga denies all accusations, stating that the land was legally acquired and developed, with necessary approvals obtained.
Claims that the accusations are baseless and malicious, denying any wrongdoing.
Highlights legal actions taken during the Yahapalana Government period, leading to the resolution of some disputes.
Other Perspectives:

The Sri Lanka Land Development Corporation Chairman and the Urban Development Authority Director-General defend their actions and decisions, stating they followed legal procedures and regulations.
There are allegations of discrepancies in land usage and leasing practices, with accusations of preferential treatment and political influence.
Overall, the situation is complex, involving legal disputes, conflicting claims, and accusations of impropriety. The resolution may require further legal proceedings and investigation to determine the rightful ownership and usage of the disputed land.

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