Ranils Parliament Option

Ranils Parliament Option

Undoubtedly, the SLPP and the UNP are actively considering the prospect of conducting general elections first. This could result in a hung parliament, but neither the UNP nor the SLPP seem concerned, as they could somewhat hold on to the grip of power.ckremesinghe can, if he wishes, dissolve Parliament now, but he cannot determine the dates of the presidential election, which is the prerogative of the Elections Commission.


The Elections Commission could call for a presidential election two months prior to the expiry of Wckremesinghe’s term at the earliest and one month prior to the expiry at the latest. Therefore, the presidential elections will be held between mid-September and mid-October, whether Wickremesinghe likes it or not.

Test the Waters 

That can only be stymied by a constitutional amendment for which Wickremesinghe does not have the numbers in Parliament. Wickremesinghe has not declared his candidacy for the presidential election, and a parliamentary election would be the best way to test the waters.

The current political campaign will help him present a stronger UNP at the parliamentary election.

This is where a general election becomes an attractive option for Wickremesinghe because a presidential election, which he is sure to not only lose but also run the risk of finishing third, could be avoided, some speculate.


For this plan to come to fruition, Wickremesinghe must first woo and win the SLPP, either as the entire party with the blessings of the Rajapaksas or piecemeal, as individuals, the former being the preferred option. Currently, it seems that forming an alliance with the blessings of the Rajapaksas is becoming near  impossible.

The next step is to recruit from SJB and SLPP on an individual level. Wickremesinghe will not hesitate to maintain a dialogue with potential SJB defectors, waiting for the right time to draw them into his fold.

Meanwhile, Wickremesinghe is strengthening the UNP to ensure its base vote remains, and a segment of the new voters vote for the UNP.

With the splits within the SJB, the UNP could possibly reclaim some of that vote.

Even if Wickremesinghe manages to achieve all this and provides leadership to a broad coalition that brings together individuals from the SLPP, SJB, and the UNP, it is still doubtful whether such an alliance could win more seats than the Jathika Jana Balavegaya (JJB), the favorites to win any election at this time.


Unexpected Out Comes: 

But that would not discourage Wickremesinghe because he is well used to unexpected outcomes and dealing with defeat. It seems that he is following the doctrine of the Bhagavad Gita,

The concept of doing one’s duty without being attached to the outcome is encapsulated in the Bhagavad Gita, a sacred Hindu scripture. In Chapter 2, Verse 47, Lord Krishna advises Arjuna: “You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction.

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