Ravi Seneviratne tells  Australian media  of interference

Ravi Seneviratne tells Australian media of interference

Retired Senior DIG Ravi Seneviratne has claimed that military intelligence gave police “wrong information,” which concealed the role of the Easter Sunday attackers in an earlier killing

Now, the former head of the investigation into the bombings has spoken out for the first time about what he claims was political interference that derailed the police probe.

Former deputy inspector general of police Ravi Seneviratne said his team was taken off the case when Mr Rajapaksa took office six months after the bombings.

Mr Seneviratne told ABC Investigations that his lead investigator was removed without explanation “immediately after the new government was elected—at the time, not even a prime minister or the cabinet had been appointed”.

Among the revelations he made previously was that a probe into a mobile phone of Army intelligence operative Bandara nicknamed’sonic-sonic’ via the IMEI no. had to be halted halfway.

The CID has never been implicated by any commission or the Supreme Court, and it had come to know that Zahran Hashim was behind the Vavunativu incident only after the terror attacks, he said.

 Ravi Seneviratne who was recently remanded following a drunk driving incident is currently on bail.

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