Romesh Ranganathan: Exploring SL  Roots

Romesh Ranganathan: Exploring SL Roots


British Sri Lankan Romesh Ranganathan is very much a newsmaker in the UK. He not only took part in the 2024 London Marathon to raise funds for a mental health charity, CALM, but also candidly opened up about his battles with suicidal thoughts.

More than 50,000 people took part in the 26.3 London Marathon to raise funds for charities.

Romesh Ranganathan has been making headlines recently for several reasons. In addition to mental health advocacy, he has started presenting on BBC Radio 2, and he has been able to build a lively fanbase with his interactive style. Romesh is known for his comedic prowess. He stars alongside fellow comedian Rob Beckett in the Sky comedy series “Rob & Romesh’s Vs” and co-hosted the Bafta TV Awards with him.

His achievements extend beyond stand-up comedy. He won a Bafta for “The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan” and another for “The Ranganation”.

Romesh was born and bred in the UK (in Crawley) and freely admits to having no idea about his cultural heritage, not being able to speak a word of Tamil, and having no real desire to visit Sri Lanka where his family is from. He says he has been embarrassed about his lack of knowledge but has felt no drive to do anything about it – until now when his mum has arranged for his cultural education to begin thanks to the BBC Three series Romesh’s Return Ticket.

Comedian Romesh Ranganathan’s cultural connection with Sri Lanka has sparked curiosity among audiences. He couldn’t speak a word of Tamil, and the idea of visiting Sri Lanka, where his family hails from, didn’t particularly excite him. However, all that changed when his mother intervened. She decided it was time for Romesh to delve into his roots. Thanks to the BBC Three series “Romesh’s Return Ticket,” Romesh embarked on a journey to Sri Lanka, guided by his Sri Lankan relatives and friends. The show, which aired in 2015, consisted of six episodes, each revolving around a different aspect of Romesh’s cultural education. In the series, Romesh explored must-see sights and delved into important cultural issues. His Sri Lankan relatives and friends played an essential role in teaching him about his heritage.


Romesh with Kids in Sri Lanka


From language and traditions to historical landmarks, Romesh’s journey was both enlightening and entertaining. Romesh’s adventure allowed him to connect with his roots, bridging the gap between his English upbringing and his Sri Lankan ancestry

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