SL Ravi Rocking India

SL Ravi Rocking India

Sri Lankan artist Ravi Royster  with his Tamil film debut  “Vethala.” is makeing waves in the Indian Film Industry.

. “Vethala” isn’t just any song; it’s a testament to the multifaceted talents involved in its creation, with Ravi Royster. both composing and lending his voice, making a significant mark on the Tamil film industry noted

This track is part of the much-anticipated movie “Romeo,”  Produced by Vijay Antony .

Ravi Royster has been able  to showcase his musical prowess on a grand scale.” It was  wijey Anthony who contacted me and said that he would like to use a melody of mine for his next film and I was invited to the studios in India said Ravi Royster.

” I had to sing Wethala in Tamil and Theleingu but I did know both these languages , I wrote the words in Sinhala and performed”

Ravi Royster, a talented Music Producer, Sound Designer, and Musician from Sri Lanka, has been making waves on YouTube. With 173K subscribers and 102 videos, he shares his passion for music with the world. Ravi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Vishwa Bharathi University in India and has successfully completed a higher national diploma in Music and Sound Technology offered by the London Examination Board. His work in the Sri Lankan music industry and TV spans several years, where he has contributed as a musician and composer.

A old boy of Rahula Collage Mathara came in to fame with Sinhala song Hamara Banawara

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