Sri Lanka and Rohingya

Sri Lanka and Rohingya

The Rohingya Refugee issue is exerting pressure on a number of countries in the region including Sri Lanka.
An affidavit has been published in the Indian Supreme Court pointing out that :
There cannot be a “blanket acceptance” of foreigners as refugees, especially when a vast majority of such people have entered the country illegally, the Centre has told the Supreme Court and claimed the continued illegal migration and stay of the Rohingya have serious ramifications for national security.

National SecurityThe affidavit said national security considerations rank the highest on country’s list of priorities given its geopolitical influence in the region and its vulnerability to cross-border infiltration due to the porous nature of the borders which India shares with many countries.
It said India has unfenced borders with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. and has an easily navigable sea route with Pakistan as well as Sri Lanka making it vulnerable to a continuous threat of an influx of illegal migration and resultant problems arising.
The Muslim Rohingya minority faces a renewed threat of violence from both the junta and armed opposition groups as they have become trapped in the middle of an escalating conflict amid growing pressure from both sides.

Rohingya Refugees in Sri Lanka

About 100 Rohingya refugees live in Sri Lanka, most of them rescued at sea by the navy while they were trying to reach Indonesia after fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh.

The Rohingya Refugees have been complaining about their living conditions in Sri Lanka
“We didn’t intend to come to Sri Lanka, but were rescued off the seas in Sri Lanka and brought to Sri Lanka by the navy. We also had to endure a hard time in detention in Sri Lanka and still live a very hard life in a new country where we can’t speak our language, and many don’t have family members, relatives and friends,” the refugees said in a petition to the UN and requested to move to another country.
Although Sri Lanka may not be a attractive country for displaced Rohingya refugees a influx is possibility due to changing circumstance.


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