Sri Lankans Killed in War

Sri Lankans Killed in War

Sri Lankans Killed in Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Ministry of Defence Statement


The Ministry of Defence has disclosed that several Sri Lankans have lost their lives while participating as mercenaries in the Russia-Ukraine war. According to the Ministry, retired Sri Lankan soldiers have been recruited into mercenary groups through human traffickers, leading to casualties and injuries on the battlefield.

The Ministry expressed concerns over the significant number of war veterans who have been affected by the conflict and stated that efforts are underway to gather further details on Sri Lankan casualties in the war zone.

To address this issue, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Police, and Intelligence agencies have initiated extensive operations to apprehend illegal human traffickers. Several individuals involved in these activities have already been arrested.

In a related development, the Sri Lanka Navy issued a warning about retired military personnel being deceived into joining mercenary forces in Russia and Ukraine under false pretences. These individuals, recruited on tourist visas, are facing harsh conditions, including extreme weather and a lack of basic facilities, with reports of injuries and fatalities.


The Navy urged retired naval personnel to refrain from accepting such opportunities, cautioning them against jeopardizing their privileges and assets.

Meanwhile, reports from Sri Lankans living in Russia revealed that hundreds of individuals from South Asia, including Sri Lanka, have joined the Russian military in Ukraine enticed by promises of high salaries and benefits. However, many of them have not received their promised wages and are facing perilous conditions on the front lines.

As the conflict intensifies, the plight of these individuals underscores the challenges and dangers associated with participating in armed conflicts as mercenaries, urging greater caution and scrutiny in evaluating such opportunities.


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