Tamil Forum meets  President and Mahnayaks

Tamil Forum meets President and Mahnayaks

The GTF and Sangha for Better Sri Lanka (SBSL) have launched the Himalaya Declaration, a six-point pledge for ethnic reconciliation.

The declaration calls for preserving Sri Lanka’s multicultural character, overcoming the economic crisis, establishing a new constitution, devolving power to the provinces, fostering trust between ethnic groups, reconciling with the past, and complying with international obligations.
The declaration has been endorsed by prominent members of the Buddhist clergy and GTF representatives from the UK, US, and Australia.

The Sri Lankan government has announced that it will establish an independent Commission for Truth, Unity, and Reconciliation to address past grievances and prevent future conflict

The declaration was handed over to President Wickramasingha and the Chief Prelates of the Malwathha and Asigiriya chapters.

Several prominent Buhist Priest and leaders of the Tamil community were among the delegation

The GTF’s initiative with the Buddhist clergy is a significant step towards ethnic reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

The declaration’s focus on economic development, constitutional reform, and power-sharing suggests a comprehensive approach to addressing the root causes of conflict.

The government’s establishment of the Truth, Unity, and Reconciliation Commission is a further demonstration of its commitment to addressing past injustices and fostering a more inclusive society.

These initiatives, taken together, offer a glimmer of hope for a more peaceful and harmonious Sri Lanka.

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