Ten points for system change-Ivan

Ten points for system change-Ivan

Prominent journalist Victor Ivan recently said that he has done everything possible for a better Sri Lanka.

Currently, he is working on a ten-point plan for democratic reform.

Here are the key points:

1. Indipendent Judiciary. No one should be above the law even lawmakers. Supreme Court should have investigative powers via independent tribunals when needed. Also important that judges are appointed or recommended by an independent body.

2. Future constitutional changes should be referred to the Supreme Court and allow them to stop approving harmful changes.

3. The Supreme Court should be able to call for direct public representation via referendum for very important constitutional changes or additions.

4. Election system changes must be done in order to stop this dogfight and corruption before we go to the next election.

5. New laws should be introduced to maintain internal political party democracy

6. Political parties must be Audited and all forms of election expenditures must be. Also expenditure cap should be applied.

7. Public Finance Audit. All public institutions and individuals must be audited by an independent Auditing body. They should not only be responsible for parliament but also be able to open court cases directly or automatically. It is great if big international audit firms could do this job, then we can bring them to justice if they commit organized fraud.

8. Public money misuse or corruption must be a massive crime and the law should be changed as needed.

9. The state should not do business. All possible institutions should be run by private management and parliament can keep questioning powers.

10. MPs and public servants’ benefits must be decided by an independent commission and published every year.
We have to do a lot more in each sector like Education, Economy etc.

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