The Hidden Cost of ‘Yukthiya’ is High

The Hidden Cost of ‘Yukthiya’ is High

Under the banner of Operation ‘Yukthiya’, island-wide drug raids claim victories against underworld activity. However, Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Patali Champika Ranawaka paints a concerning picture of an operation with unintended consequences. He raises alarm bells for children left vulnerable, their parents swept away in the arrests, and girls potentially pushed towards prostitution for lack of support.

Reports detail deserted children in Colombo, lacking food, protection, and even legal representation. While the media spotlights major drug suspects, the “sharks” remain untouched, highlighting an apparent focus on low-level targets. This selective approach extends to beachfront demolitions, where authorized agencies are bypassed, raising questions about fairness and legality.

The MP pinpoints a crucial concern: a delicate balance between tackling crime and upholding justice. Targeting specific structures based on speculation paints a troubling picture, fueling doubts about the operation’s true motives and effectiveness.

Ranawaka’s plea to the President underscores the urgent need for transparency and accountability in ‘Yukthiya’. The operation cannot solely boast arrests while ignoring the collateral damage—broken families, exploited children, and a potentially emboldened underworld. A comprehensive approach that safeguards innocent lives and ensures due process is crucial to restoring faith and truly claiming victory in the fight against illegal activity.

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