Truth Commission is Dangerous- Weerawansa

Truth Commission is Dangerous- Weerawansa

Wimal Weerawansa, leader of Uttara Lanka Sabhagaya, has criticized the Truth, Unity, and Reconciliation Commission Bill proposed by the Government. . Weerawansa, known for his strong political stance, held a news conference where he labelled the bill as dangerous and accused it of betraying the armed forces.

He claimed that the bill, along with related legislation, would make heads of the armed forces “war criminals.” Weerawansa argued that the proposed law is connected to several other bills, including those related to criminal matters, disappearances, and protection of witnesses. He accused the government of undermining the security forces and sacrificing war heroes.

UN Human Rights Council resolution

Weerawansa also mentioned the role of the UN Human Rights Council resolution 30/1 in influencing these laws, alleging that the bills are fulfilling the need for an international court for war crimes against the security forces. He criticized the government’s approach to human rights issues and accused it of betraying war heroes.

Government Proposal for Truth and Reconciliation

Sri Lanka announced plans for a long-awaited Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CTUR) to address abuses during the 26-year civil war and its aftermath. The Commission aims to document human rights violations, promote healing, and offer reparations to victims.

International Concerns:

However, concerns shadow the initiative. Critics highlight lack of consultation with affected communities and fear the Commission’s independence may be compromised. Sri Lanka’s history of impunity for past abuses further fuels skepticism. International observers urge the government to ensure the CTUR meets international standards and delivers genuine accountability. The CTUR’s success hinges on addressing these concerns and building trust across Sri Lanka’s diverse communities.


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