What does the suspension mean for Sri Lanka Cricket?

What does the suspension mean for Sri Lanka Cricket?

The suspension of Sri Lanka’s membership of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is a serious matter for the country’s cricket board and its players. It means that Sri Lanka will not be able to participate in any international cricket matches, including ICC tournaments, until the suspension is lifted.

The suspension is a result of government interference in Sri Lanka Cricket’s administration. The ICC requires its members to be independent and autonomous, and it will not tolerate any government interference in the governance of cricket.

The suspension is a major blow to Sri Lanka Cricket. It will damage the country’s reputation and make it difficult to attract sponsors and investors. It will also have a negative impact on the development of cricket in Sri Lanka.

The ICC has said that the conditions of the suspension will be decided in due course. However, it is likely that Sri Lanka will remain suspended until the government guarantees to respect the ICC’s rules and regulations.

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