Why is Roshan Ranasinha helpless?

Why is Roshan Ranasinha helpless?

In a media release, the Minister said that SLC and the national selectors should take responsibility for a disastrous World Cup campaign that was exacerbated by Thursday’s defeat.
“Sri Lankan officials have no moral or ethical right to remain in office. They should resign from their posts,” the minister has said.
He also said that the non-inclusion of senior cricketers like Angelo Mathews and Dinesh Chandimal had an effect on Sri Lanka’s World Cup campaign.
The Sri Lankan Sports Minister, Roshan Ranasinghe, has made a number of serious accusations against the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) board. However, he has not yet taken any concrete action against SLC. There are a few possible reasons for this.

First, Ranasinghe may be waiting for the results of an investigation into the allegations before taking any action. This would be the prudent thing to do, as it would ensure that any action taken is based on solid evidence.

Second, Ranasinghe may be facing resistance from within the government to taking action against SLC. SLC is a powerful and influential body, and it may have its supporters within the government. These supporters may be putting pressure on Ranasinghe not to take action against SLC.

Third, Ranasinghe may be concerned about the political consequences of taking action against SLC. SLC is very popular in Sri Lanka, and taking action against it could alienate voters. Ranasinghe may be waiting until he is more politically secure before taking any action against SLC.

Finally, it is also possible that Ranasinghe is making statements about the allegations against SLC in order to pressure the board to reform itself. He may be hoping that by making these statements, he can force SLC to make changes without having to take any formal action against it.

Whatever the reason for Ranasinghe’s inaction so far, it is clear that the allegations against SLC are a serious matter. The government needs to investigate these allegations thoroughly and take appropriate action if they are found to be true.

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