AkD positions the party as the government in waiting

AkD positions the party as the government in waiting

Anura Kumara Dissanayake has received a good response from the Diaspora. His rallies and events have been well-attended, and his message of hope and change has resonated with many Sri Lankans living abroad.

He had a discussion session, which was followed up by questions from the audience. Lanka News Line learns these events were not completely opened to the public. and the audience had been invited in a selective manner. However, the Q&A sessions were handled by AKD. He attentively listened and duly answered with some detail.

The events were held in New York, California, Housten and a few other cities. The USA ambassador in SriI Lanka visiting AKD at his party office was no coincidence.

Over all, AKD displaced a very positive strategic and flexible outlook to the Sri Lankan Diaspora.

At the event in California, Muslim engineer Faizal Buhary thanked AKD for the standing he had taken about Muslims at the time of the easter bombing and the burial of Muslim COVID victims.AKD said that he would very much advocate a Sri Lanka that would allow all ethnicities to live in coexistence.

He said that the JVP would stand up for economic democracy, which would allow everyone to trade and invest on a level playing field.

AKD further said that although we had a small market, we had certain products, such as cinnamon, pepper, fish, etc that we could market at the global level.

AKD displayed to the audience that he was well-versed in the data, geopolitics, and political strategy needed to handle the governance of Sri Lanka. He mentioned   a number of economic opportunities available for a blend of service and industry-oriented economy for Sri Lanka

Political Strategy:   

Answering a question, AKD revealed the political strategy of the NPP at the next parliamentary election. He said that at the next general election, if the NPP fails to acquire a majority of 113 they will look at parliamentarians whom they could work with.
AkD’s international outreach has made him a compelling figure in Sri Lankan politics, and he is seen by many as a potential future leader of the country. He is a vocal critic of the current government, and he has pledged to implement a number of reforms, including clean governance, the eradication of corruption, and a return to a better Sri Lanka.

As Lanka News Line learns, the USA visit of AKD has triggered a stream of donations to the party.

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