Hermes is now offering a single paper envelope for $125

Hermes is now offering a single paper envelope for $125

Sri Lanka’s central bank is running into a crisis as foreign central banks are not willing to lend foreign currency.
The central bank of Sri Lanka is loosening its ability to create a balance of payments and the country’s economic crisis may further deepen, warn financial analysts.

Sri Lanka’s central bank created a Balance of payment deficit of 2.3 billion US dollars in 2020, 3.6 billion US dollars in 2021, and 2,986 million US dollars up to July 2022. Up to August, the BOP deficit was officially calculated as 3,035 million US dollars

“Wrapped in silk, reusable, and come in two different sizes (A4 and A5), this keepsake can be sent as a special invitation or even a declaration of love. A long-lasting way to turn your records into beautiful memories,” reads the description on the Hermes site.

According to The New York Post, there are several envelope designs, with Hermes telling customers that “the patterns and the colors of your product will be a surprise.”

The brand also offers paperweights, including the 7.5-inch Samarcande model for $2,950.

The NY Post reported that in November, a TikToker created a viral video with an enthusiastic review of these extravagant products.

“How are you keeping your papers from flying away without a Hermes mushroom paperweight?”

The comedian Benton McClintock wondered about the $1,350 item and said, “I thought the mushroom was a stool at first, thinking damn, that’s expensive for a stool; no way, that’s how much a paperweight is.”

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