Devananda: No Indian Fishing

Devananda: No Indian Fishing

Three trawlers and 22 fishers apprehended

EPDP leader and Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda conveyed to Tamil Nadu Fisheries Minister Anitha R. Radhakrishnan that Indian fishing vessels must not engage in fishing activities within Sri Lankan waters under any circumstances.

E ven in the past such stern warnings have been made only to be ignored by thamilnadu.Presidient Wickramasinha said tht he is going to have talks with India to resolve the matter. How ever given the influence of Thamilnadu on New Delhi taking concrete measures to stop Indian fisherman entering Sri Lankan waters has become difficult.

A statement released by the Fisheries Ministry cited Minister Devananda informing Minister Radhakrishnan via phone that the request from the Tamil Nadu administration in this regard could not be accommodated.

Devananda asserted his opposition to granting access to Tamil Nadu fishermen until a mutually acceptable permanent solution is reached between both countries.

He emphasized that his involvement in discussions aimed at resolving this issue would hinge upon receiving assurance from the Tamil Nadu administration regarding the cessation of poaching activities pending an amicable settlement.

In a separate event at Kilinochchi, where the government announced the release of additional privately held properties by the military, Minister Devananda urged the Navy to intensify efforts against poaching by Indian vessels. He commended the Navy for its recent actions in chasing away Indian trawlers found poaching in Sri Lankan waters over the weekend and for the subsequent arrest of three trawlers, along with 22 individuals, near the Kovilan Lighthouse in Karainagar.

The apprehended trawlers, along with the 22 Indian fishermen, were escorted to the Kankesanthurai Harbour and handed over to the Miladi Fisheries Inspector for further legal action.

With this recent apprehension, the Navy has arrested a total of 15 Indian trawlers and 110 Indian fishermen for poaching in Sri Lankan waters thus far this year, subsequently turning them over to the relevant local authorities for legal proceedings.

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