Chronic Kidney Disease spreading among children

Chronic Kidney Disease spreading among children

Unknown Etiology/Uncertain Cause (CKDU) is a type of chronic kidney disease that primarily affects impoverished agricultural communities in the dry zone of Sri Lanka where a substantial number of people develop an inexplicable, fatal form of kidney disease.

Because the affected population is one of the most important groups of the Sri Lankan economy and are exposed to many occupational and environmental dangers, as well as the disease’s current status as a “medical mystery,” CKDu has gotten a lot of attention from the science community locally and internationally. As of now several groups of scientists are continuing research on CKDu. Renal injury among children

Results of one such study have been published recently in Nature Scientific Reports Journal. According to this study, a significantly higher rate of as been observed among the school children of the CKDu endemic areas

For this research, schoolchildren had been selected from Padaviya, Medirigiriya, Ampara, Sewanagala, and Udawalawa areas. According to the publication these locations represent CKDu endemic (En), emerging (Em), and non-endemic (NE) regions in the country. Early in the morning first voided urine sample was obtained from each participant and the supernatant taken from the centrifugation of these samples was assessed for KIM-1 and NGAL using specific Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kits.



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