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Why prorogue parliament now?

Why prorogue parliament now?

Political commentators are debating as to why President Ranil Wickremesinghe has decided to prorogue parliament at an unexpected moment.

Many hold the view that proroguing parliament is a ‘show of power’ that signals the authority of the President who wants to work in a different way than the previous regimes.
Some predict that instead of a regime president Wickramasingha wants to create a gang that will work with him as he has no other option. There is little debate that President  Wickramasingha has the commitment to deliver.
It is speculated that when parliament reconvenes on February 8, the president will announce new policies and laws that will have a significant impact on the country.
It seems that the President intends to emerge as a strong man who can lead the country toward sustainable recovery.
The new policy may go beyond populist thoughts and subsidies. It is also anticipated that the President may take a firm stand on the ethnic issue  The President will be able to dissolve parliament at his discretion after the 20th of February and his lotus buddies will not be able to do much other than take directives from the boss.

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