Colombo Apples -Second Most Expansive in World

Colombo Apples -Second Most Expansive in World

Colombo has been listed as the second most expensive place to buy apples in the list of global capitals by Numbeo, the world’s largest cost of living database. The Spectator Index, a popular Twitter account and website focusing on latest trends in politics, economics, science, sports, security, strategy, international relations, human rights and culture, citing Numbeo, has said Sri Lanka has the world’s second-costliest apple prices.

According to Numbeo, the price of one kilo of apples in US dollars in New York was at 7.05 last weekend, while the price in Colombo of the same was at 7.04. Seoul has come third in the list with price of USD 6.91 per kilo of apples followed by San Francisco ($ 6.39), Chicago ($5.95), Miami ($ 5.90), Los Angeles ($5.46), Seattle ($5.35), Washington DC ($ 5.24), Tokyo ($5.13), Taipei ($4.63), Singapore ($4.22), Geneva ($4.12), Toronto ($3.93), Hong Kong ($3.87), Paris ($3.63), Riyadh ($2.10), Beijing ($ 2.04), Delhi ($ 2.01), Amsterdam ($ 1.96), Doha ($1.94), Athens ($1.90), Cairo ($1.78), Buenos Aires ($ 1.53), Johannesburg ($1.45), Moscow ($ 1.29), Lagos ($1.28), Istanbul

($1.12),Islamabad ($1.11) and Lahore ($ 1.05).

Madduma Amarahewa a  wholesale Apple Importer  in Colombo Manning market said -” its the appreciation  of the Doller and taxes that is  creating this price surge’

According to trend economy .com apple imports to Sri Lanka has dropped by about  60% within the last year (2023 ) .Sri Lanka imports apples from China, France and South Africa.

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