Jambu :More time In jail than out

Jambu :More time In jail than out

Chandrapala Nanayakkara, also known as Jambu, is someone who has spent a considerable amount of his life behind bars. Now, he is savouring the freshness of a sea wave after a very long time. He shared some of his secrets with nature’s mysteries. Altogether, he has been to jail on more than 40 occasions in the 68 years of his life. He spoke to the media just a day after being released from the Galle prison.

Jambu has been a ganja user and a gambler for a long time. He showed a locally manufactured Galkatas shotgun and stole 18,000 in the ’70s, which was a substantial amount of money, resulting in a 12-year sentence when he was 23 years old. He has a son who is a soldier but is unaware of his father’s whereabouts. He shared the secret of the money bundle scam that Jambu and his friends carried out on several occasions.


Money Bundle Scam

The scam involves a fake bundle of money with two notes on both sides, cleverly made into a parcel. A man identified as Nawadiya drops the bundle near a woman, alerting her of the parcel. As they both curiously open the parcel, the man suggests quickly putting the money into the woman’s bag and moving away.

In a moment, another man arrives claiming to have dropped a parcel of money, asking the two holding the parcel if they have seen it. Nawadiya springs into action, stating that there has been no such parcel, and the man who supposedly lost his money moves away mourning.

Nawadiya takes the woman aside, telling her that the spoils need to be shared between them. As there is no time to count the money, he proposes an alternative: “Give me your chain and ring, and you can keep the money.” Before the woman can understand what’s happening, the chain and ring are removed, and Nawadiya has vanished.

Watch this Video :Explore the fascinating life of Chandrapala Nanayakkara, known as Jambu, who spent over 40 occasions behind bars. Uncover the secrets of his criminal endeavour’s, including a locally manufactured Galkatas shotgun and a clever money bundle scam. Learn how Jambu, just released from Galle prison, navigated the underbelly of crime. A tale of ganja, gambling, and deceptive schemes that kept him in and out of jail. Discover the gripping details of the money bundle scam and its intricate execution. Join us on this narrative as we delve into Jambu’s world, where every wave of the sea brings a new chapter to light. An immersive exploration into a life shaped by crime, secrecy, and unexpected twists.”



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