Sentenced after 26 Years

Sentenced after 26 Years

In a long-awaited moment of justice, the Anuradhapura High Court resolutely proclaimed the fate of five police officers, finally bringing closure to a dark chapter in Sri Lanka’s history.  The North Central Provincial High Court in Anuradhapura on Friday (26) sentenced to life imprisonment five Police officers including the Bharathipuram Police station OIC over the murder of eight unarmed Tamil civilians of the Bharathipuram village in Kantale about 26 years ago. The OIC who  heard the  sentence suffered a heart attack was immediately  rushed to the hospital .


Twenty-six years after the harrowing events unfolded in Bharathipuram village, Kantale, the gavel fell with decisive force upon Constable Chandrathna Banadara, Constable Nimal Premasiri Konara, Inspector R.M. Ranaraja Bandara, Sub Inspector Y.L. Somaratne, and Constable Senarath Bandara Medawela. These men, entrusted with upholding the law, were now deemed guilty of heinous crimes against humanity.

Their actions, disguised under the pretext of maintaining order, stood exposed in the piercing light of truth. No longer could they hide behind false narratives or fabricated alibis. Despite their claims of responding to an attack on their police post, the meticulous investigations laid bare the stark reality—the village remained untouched by any such assault.
The wheels of justice, though slow, turned inexorably towards this moment. From the initial filing at the Trincomalee High Court to the eventual transfer to Anuradhapura, the pursuit of accountability endured for decades. Even as the case weathered numerous trials and tribulations, the unwavering resolve of the prosecution, led by Deputy Solicitor General Madhawa Thennakoon, persevered.

Acquittal of Some Suspects
Amidst the legal labyrinth, where evidence was scrutinized and testimonies dissected, the truth emerged as an unwavering beacon of righteousness. With the passing of time came clarity, as each piece of the puzzle fell into place. Despite the hurdles, the commitment to justice never wavered.
As the final verdict reverberated, it carried with it the echoes of the past—a poignant reminder that no act of injustice can escape the relentless pursuit of truth. The  and the conviction of others underscored the meticulous scrutiny under which every aspect of the case was examined.

Yet, amidst the legal intricacies and procedural delays, one undeniable fact emerged—the scales of justice had tipped in favor of righteousness. With the delivery of the death sentence, the court rendered a resounding declaration—that no individual, regardless of their position or authority, is above the law.
In the end, as the courtroom emptied, a sense of closure descended upon Bharathipuram village. Though the scars of the past may linger, the pronouncement of justice stood as a testament to the enduring resilience of a nation committed to upholding the principles of truth and accountability, no matter how long the journey or arduous the path.

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