SMS Scam is Spreading

SMS Scam is Spreading

The Computer Crime Investigation Division (CCID) of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has been receiving a number of complaints regarding a scam that is using the postal system.


The scam begins with an SMS message telling the recipient that “unpaid customs fees” are due or there is an issue regarding an “invalid delivery address”.

The recipient is asked to click a link.


Niroshani Walikandage, a 40-year-old housewife, explained to Lanka News Line how she was deceived by the scam. “I was asked to click the link that took me to a website, which I thought was the Postal Department website. My sister who lives in Sweden once in a while sends me a gift parcel, and I thought the unpaid custom duty had something to do with one of these parcels.”

The next step was to enter credit or debit card details and to pay Rs. 99. Niroshani was not very comfortable entering personal bank details, and she phoned her husband, who had a friend in the Postal Department.

Upon inquiries, they found that this fraudulent SMS had been forwarded to many, and some had fallen for the scam.

The Criminal Investigations Department has revealed that those who had been expecting deliveries, including packages, national identity cards, or passports via post or police clearance reports, have been tricked.

The Postal Department has posted a warning of this scam and given the following telephone numbers for inquiries – 0112542104, 0112334728, 0112335978.

There have been instances where those who have input their bank account details, including the password, have had money stolen from their accounts.

The CID has received about 100 complaints since August 2023. Those who make the initial payment of LKR 99.00, giving their bank details unknowingly, pass on the details to the fraudsters that could be used to make unauthorized withdrawals.

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