Fox Hill: The Dust Is Blamed

Fox Hill: The Dust Is Blamed

The organizers of the Fox Hill Supercross race have stated that two racing car drivers involved in the accident at the Fox Hill Supercross race in Diyatalawa said that the heavy dust clouds created a situation of poor visibility, which is the primary reason for the racing cars to veer off the track.

The organisers of the ‘Fox Hill Super Cross 2024’ motorsport racing event claim that they had assured the safety of the spectators at the event and that yesterday’s tragic accident was caused by the carelessness of the spectators themselves.

Speaking during a press conference held today (22), regarding the horror crash which resulted the death of 07 individuals and left 23 others injured during a racing event, the organisers of the event said that safe areas which are elevated from the tracks had been established for the spectators.


Overall, dry weather prevailed, and the possibility of dust clouds emerging from the dirt track and the hazard it could create should have been taken into account by the organizers. Although many have said that the organizers failed to provide adequate safeguards to protect spectators, the organizers have denied allegations. The Police said that the racing car drivers Rajitha Uluvita and Dilan Adhikari were arrested while undergoing treatment in the hospital.


The incident occurred when the HP 1500 Ford Lazar-Mazda racing event was in progress. At least seven people were killed, and over 20 others sustained injuries when a car went off the track and crashed into a group of spectators at the Fox Hill Supercross race in Diyatalawa.

The Police said that a child was among those killed in the accident on Sunday. Four of the victims are officials of the racing event.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Nihal Thalduwa said that a racing car had veered off the track and collided with a group of spectators.



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