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Doctors  and nurses are leaving Sri Lanka

Doctors and nurses are leaving Sri Lanka

A large number of doctors and nurses have started leaving Srilanka and some of them have just vacated their posts.
Some of these medical professionals have been paying middlemen rupees of three million to five million to secure foreign employment.

In some cases, Doctors and nurses have been taking up care assistant jobs in desperation of starting a new life.
As reported by the Government Medical Officers Association, doctors have started to leave the country in large numbers due to the economic crisis in the country.

“During the past 8 months, approximately 500 doctors who were in the health service and hospital system of this country have evacuated from Sri Lanka by now. As this matter is consequential, in the past two months, these doctors have finally given up their profession with this situation and left their jobs abroad, sometimes without informing the Ministry of Health. Therefore, more than 50 quit notices have been issued. These are just a few statistics.”

A representative of the association stated this in a press conference held yesterday (09) by the Association of Government Medical Officers.

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