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Flamingos in Manner – attraction to many

Flamingos in Manner – attraction to many

The Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) is moving freely around in the manner area. Mannar causeway, Vankalai Sanctuary, saltern, and the coastal area near the airstrip, are some of the spots where the birds can be seen.

Flamingo originates the Spanish and Latin word ‘ flamenco ‘ which means fire, it refers to the bright colours of the bird’s feathers. The flamingos are attracted to manner because of its lively ecosystem comprising of wetlands with plenty of t algae, crustaceans, brine shrimp, diatoms, and aquatic plants.

Bird watchers say that Mannar has become a favourite destination because of its shrimps.
The migrant flamingo’s start arriving in Mannar by November to beat the winter season, and generally stay on until April. A bird watcher said that at certain times there are about 5,000 in Mannar. It is said that Flamingo’s pink colour is obtained from its diet. The alpha and beta carotenoid pigments in their food are what give them their beautiful streaks of pink.

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