Colour code for women’s under ware

Colour code for women’s under ware

According to a recent Vogue survey while black and nude (or beige) tend to be the most popular colours for women’s underwear across the board, Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular colors and why they might appeal to different women:
• Black: A classic and versatile choice that goes with almost everything. It can be seen as mysterious, sexy, and slimming.

• Nude (beige): Practical and invisible under light-coloured clothing. It can be seen as natural and comfortable.
• White: Simple and clean, often associated with innocence and purity. It can also be seen as fresh and summery.
• Red: Bold and eye-catching, often associated with passion and love. It can be seen as confident and seductive.
• Pink: Playful and feminine, often associated with romance and sweetness. It can be seen as cute and cheerful.
Other colours, like blue, green, and purple, are also becoming increasingly popular as women experiment with different styles and express their individuality.


What is the most popular colour for women’s underwear in the Netherlands? According to this survey,(2019) black was by far the most popular color. Over 80 percent of respondents taking part in this survey said to sometimes wear black underwear. By comparison, only 12 percent sometimes wore green underwear.


On indian Womens preferances this is what Archana Kakarla had to say on Quora

Most common colour is, in my experience, Black.

There is no doubt about it in bras but in panties, it varies.

I prefer brown or blue for period panties and Beige or Black ones for regular use. I have a lot of red panties too. So, from my experience, panties color varies significantly and it is not easy to pick a single colour as “common”.

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