Military Officials Apologize to MP

Military Officials Apologize to MP

The Sri Lankan Parliament’s Privilege Committee has concluded its investigation into a complaint by MP Chandima Weerakkody, alleging threatening statements made by Defence Secretary Kamal Gunaratne and Army Commander Vikum Liyanage during a committee meeting. The committee recommended that both officials apologize to MP Weerakkody, which they have done.

The incident reportedly occurred during a meeting of the Sectoral Oversight Committee on National Security on October 5, 2023. MP Weerakkody argued that reducing expenses of high-ranking officers could be an alternative to reducing troop numbers to cut the defence budget. He claimed the Defence Secretary and Army Commander responded with threatening statements.

Following an investigation, the Privilege Committee recommended an apology, stating that threatening MPs during committee meetings violates parliamentary standing orders. They also emphasized the importance of impartial committee chairing and adherence to the Powers and Privileges Act by all participants.

Commander of Sri Lankan Army Lt Gen Vikum Liyanage 

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