Protesters in President’s House – What next?

Protesters in President’s House – What next?

The protesters who have broken the police barricades at Chatham street in Colombo Fort have entered the President’s House and have a discussion on what to do next.

The protesters may call a press briefing to announce the next steps. A protester said “we did not think that we could get access so easily” However, the police used tear gas and water cannons and opened fire, and 32 have been injured. Two of those who have been injured are in critical condition.

President keeps away
The protesters entered the President’s House after putting down the barricades while security forces gave up resistance.

However, the President has already vacated the premises and is said to be at an Army camp before the protests began in Colombo.

The Colombo-based political commenters are closely watching the reaction of key diplomatic missions
Many diplomatic missions have been asking the government to take note of the sentiments of the protesters.

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