How deep is this pool ?

How deep is this pool ?

Sri Lanka’s crisis is far from over and in fact, many commentators say that the worst is still to come.

The president is yet to resign and it is anticipated that the President and Prime Minister will have to resign as they have no other option after Saturday’s massive protest However there is always the possibility of a comeback.

Following the resignation of the president, a government headed by the speaker of parliament is expected to lead the political transition to a new administration. However, this transition is not going to be smooth as the parliamentarians are very much divided on who should become the next president and prime minister. Currently, the names of Sajith Premadasa and Dallas Alahaperuma have emerged as contenders.

The new President needs the endorsement at least 113 parliamentarians and the Lotus grouping have the majority, however, crossovers cannot be ruled out.

Basil Rajapaksha the master politician is still very much in the scene and he will not let go and a new name mere emerge from the lotus camp.

Whoever becomes the next president he or she will need to be seen as a credible person in the eyes of the people to continue in office.

Sri Lanka needs to conclude discussions with the IMF for an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) lending arrangement and the internal crisis needs to be resolved if these negotiations are to be successful.

There have been calls from the international community to reach out to a political settlement, especially with the protesters, but it seems that the government is not in the listening mode and sufficiently responsive to peaceful protest.

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