Crocos, Monkeys and MP’S

Crocos, Monkeys and MP’S

A motion for adjournment presented by Rajika Wickremesinghe, a parliamentarian from the Kegalle district, was discussed on Thursday regarding the significant crop damage caused by various animals, including wild elephants and monkeys.

Numerous members representing agricultural regions expressed grave concerns about the extent of damage inflicted. They highlighted how these animals not only threatened crops but also posed a danger to villagers, with monkeys intruding into homes and even pilfering items like laptops and phones.

Many MPs, feeling the pressure from their constituents, emphasized the need for urgent government action, urging a decision on whether to prioritize human interests over those of animals.


Udayakantha Gunatillake, MP for Kegalle district, raised concerns about crocodiles endangering people bathing in rivers, noting the increasing presence of these reptiles in waterways. He stressed the necessity for designated bathing areas secured with wire mesh.

Rohana Bandara, MP for Anuradhapura district representing the Samagi Jana Balawegaya party, emphasized the government’s responsibility to strike a balance between wildlife conservation and human welfare. He called for a re-evaluation of the government’s proposal to export monkeys to Chinese zoos, a plan put forth by the Agriculture Minister.

Wild Monkeys 

MPs highlighted the opposition of wildlife activists to the export proposal. However, Retd. Major Sudharshana Denipitiya, representing the Badulla District, proposed a solution to address the concerns of wildlife activists: capturing wild monkeys, relocating them to Colombo, and releasing them there.

Crop damage by wild animals in Sri Lanka during the first half of 2022 totaled around 144,989 metric tons of 28 types of crops, including paddy and vegetables, and 93 million coconuts resulting in an overall loss of 30,215 million Sri Lankan rupees ($ 87.5 million), according to a new estimate


The issue will be forwarded to the Agriculture and Wildlife Ministers for resolution.




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