Did Carbon Dioxide Cause Death?

Did Carbon Dioxide Cause Death?

An unanticipated fatality has been reported at Colombo National Hospital, involving a patient who had undergone a successful breast surgery.

Following the surgical procedure, standard practice involves the administration of oxygen to aid in the recovery process. Unfortunately, the death occurred, apparently linked to an increased intake of carbon dioxide during the oxygen administration process, as disclosed by internal sources within the hospital.\

The ongoing investigation at the National Hospital is seeking to determine whether the incident resulted from the inadvertent administration of carbon dioxide instead of oxygen or the potential mixing of these gases, leading to the contamination of the oxygen supply, according to insider information.

Addressing the media regarding this unexpected event, Ravi Kumudesh, President of the Health Professionals’ Association, clarified that the reported fatality is not attributed to the surgical procedure but rather highlights a lapse in the hospital’s care services.

He emphasized the importance of transparency in handling such incidents, urging full disclosure of details without coverup to prevent similar errors in the future.

This directive has been conveyed to the Director of the National Hospital by the Minister of Health Ramesh Pathirana to conduct a thorough investigation into the procedural aspects of the care service provided to the deceased patient

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