Ena de Silva: A Legacy of Innovation and Collaboration

Ena de Silva: A Legacy of Innovation and Collaboration

Ena de Silva, a pioneering Sri Lankan artist and batik designer, left an indelible mark on the world of textile art. Her unique approach to design and her collaborative spirit led to the creation of a new aesthetic for batiks, redefining the craft and its narratives. In celebration of the centenary of her birth, a new exhibition, “Imagining New Natures: Collaborations with Ena,” will unveil never-before-seen designs and projects produced in close collaboration with prominent artists, showcasing Ena’s transformative work and the impact of her collaborations.

Through this exhibition, we are invited to re-imagine nature, drawing parallels between Sri Lanka’s diverse ecologies and the ways Ena and her collaborators reflected on societal and environmental changes in post-independent Sri Lanka. The exhibits, encompassing drawings, maquettes, templates, paintings, and completed textiles, highlight the transformative power of art and the potential for balance between human agency and the natural world.

The exhibition also marks the establishment of the Ena de Silva Foundation, a testament to the artist’s enduring legacy. The Foundation aims to preserve, maintain, and archive Ena’s works, supporting the livelihoods of craftspeople and fostering research, education, and innovation initiatives.

“Imagining New Natures: Collaborations with Ena” is a fitting tribute to Ena de Silva, a visionary artist who challenged boundaries and redefined the art of batik. Her legacy continues to inspire and empower, reminding us of the transformative power of art and collaboration


Link to website:https://www.enadesilva.com

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