Family Discovers Naked Body at Grave

 Family Discovers Naked Body at Grave

Police have initiated a thorough investigation into a deeply unsettling incident involving the exhumation of the body of 25-year-old Rashmika Nadishani. Rashmika, who had tragically succumbed to pneumonia in Badulugasthenna, Bandarawela a few days ago, was laid to rest in her hometown.

On Sunday, an individual or group disturbed the peace of the deceased by exhuming her body, which was then shockingly found stripped naked. The discovery was made by Rashmika’s father, who had visited her grave on Sunday morning, just a day before the scheduled seventh-day almsgiving for the departed soul.

Alarmed and distressed, the family, including the father, promptly reported the matter to the Bandarawela Police upon witnessing the disturbing scene at the gravesite. Authorities suspect that an individual or a group deliberately exhumed and defiled the body of the deceased, raising concerns about the motive behind this reprehensible act.

In response to the incident, the Bandarawela Acting Magistrate, accompanied by Criminal Investigation Officers, examined the exhumed body. Following the examination, the body was respectfully reburied at the same location.

As the investigation unfolds, the Bandarawela Police are urging anyone with information related to this disturbing incident to come forward. The community remains on edge as they seek answers and justice for the desecration of Rashmika Nadishani’s final resting place.

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