Sabry is shopping for time in  Geneva?

Sabry is shopping for time in Geneva?

Ministers Ali Sabry and Wijedasa RaJapaksha are in Geneva meeting representatives of voting countries. Sri Lanka’s possible strategy would be to explain the current economic crisis and ask for more time to put things correctly.

According to observers this strategy might work as the UNHCR is more of a ‘talk shop’ and no one would take the delays in implementing the commission’s recommendations seriously as long as it does not affect their own political agenda.
The Sri Lanka session of the UNHCR is more of a ritual that has been continuing for years without noteworthy outcomes.
Ali Sabri may declare that the government would set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and that may be sufficient to appease the UNHCR voting representatives.

The economic crimes issue may come up prominently as a number of western countries are attempting to corner China for being the loan shark that puts developing countries in trouble by providing loans with unviable projects.

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