Health Ministry Unhealthy?

Health Ministry Unhealthy?

Health Ministry Under Fire: From Dodgy Docs to Drug Tunnel Vision!
Sri Lanka’s healthcare system is sicker than a patient stuck with a quack! Deputy Director of the National Hospital, Dr. Bellana, is throwing shade at the Health Ministry, accusing them of being stuck in a one-track drug-focused rut while the rest of the system crumbles.

But wait, there’s more! The GMOA, the medical professionals’ union, is sounding the alarm about a quackdemic – over 40,000 fake doctors are roaming free, dispensing who-knows-what and putting lives at risk! And the Ministry’s response? Zilch. Nada. Crickets.

Is the Health Ministry asleep at the wheel, or are they playing doctor with the system itself? They’re turning a blind eye to dodgy prescriptions at pharmacies, letting unqualified practitioners run wild, and basically ignoring the pleas of medical professionals.


It’s time for the Ministry to wake up and smell the medical incense! They need to crack down on quacks, widen their gaze beyond drugs, and put patient care at the heart of everything they do. Otherwise, Sri Lanka’s healthcare system might be terminally ill!

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