Kate Cancer Struggle Praised

Kate Cancer Struggle Praised

The UK’s papers are unified in support of the Princess of Wales following her cancer diagnosis.

In an emotional video message on Friday, Kate spoke about the “huge shock” after tests identified cancer following her abdominal surgery and the “incredibly tough couple of months” her family have experienced.

The Saturday editorial for The Daily Telegraph, entitled “The nation wishes the Princess a rapid recovery”, describes a kingdom in shock at Kate’s grim health news and describes her as “a beloved member of the Royal family”.

The Daily Express chooses to draw a parallel between Kate’s plight and that of King Charles, who is also undergoing treatment for cancer, saying: “We will all be hoping she makes a swift recovery from cancer. This is a terribly sad and shocking event.”
The Daily Mail‘s editorial also paralleled the King and Kate’s health struggles, writing: “At times like this, we remember that while privileged, this clan is still just flesh and blood like the rest of us.

“Just like ours, their lives can be turned upside down in a moment.

“Yet because Charles is sovereign and Kate the future queen, it is understandable that concern over their illnesses will be magnified… We send the princess, and the King, all our very best wishes.”



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