Key Recommendations to Revive  Cricket

Key Recommendations to Revive Cricket

The Ministerial Committee, appointed by President Ranil Wickremesinghe to look into the cricket issue, has come up with 39 key recommendations.

The Cabinet Sub-Committee, chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs,. Ali Sabri, PC, included the Minister of Power and Energy. Kanchana Wijesekera, Minister of Public Security, Mr. Tiran Alles, and Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment. Manusha Nanayakkara.  Here is a summary of recommendations:

Reform of SLC Structure

  • Delineate SLC administration into regulatory, cricket administration, and technical arms.
  • Grant autonomy to each group.
  • Delegate technical responsibilities to qualified technocrats.
  • Overhaul the existing framework.

Legislative Action:

  • Enact a law to introduce a new constitution for SLC.
  • Appointment of Director-Cricket:
  • Appoint a full-time Director of Cricket for comprehensive player management.
  • Implement a cricket plan devised by the Technical Advisory Committee.

Constitutional Reforms:

  • Engage Chitrasiri Committee for drafting a preliminary constitution.
  • Obtain input from stakeholders, including former international players.

Communication with ICC:

  • Communicate with the ICC to establish a transparent and merit-based administration.
    ICC Support
  • Persuade SLC to collaborate with reforms.
  • Prioritize the welfare of cricket in Sri Lanka over individual interests.

Interim Committee:

Appoint an interim committee for a limited duration to implement reforms.
Include members with corporate, accounting, legal, and cricketing expertise.\

Accountability and Transparency:

  • Formulate and execute plans by competent technocrats.
  • Implement best practices by BASL, CIMA, KPMG, and Chartered Institute.
  • Amend Sports Law for proposed changes.

Audit Findings:

Create a committee to study the Auditor General’s reports on SLC operations

Present findings to the Attorney General for further investigations.

Player Management:

Base all cricket decisions on the Technical Advisory Committee’s plan.

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