Manhattan: Celebration of Sea Food

Manhattan: Celebration of Sea Food

A decade ago, the bustling city of Colombo witnessed the grand opening of The Manhattan Fish Market, a fine dining establishment specializing in premium seafood. Established in collaboration with franchisee Everbright Holdings Ltd., the restaurant has successfully carved out a niche for itself over the years.

In celebration of its 10th anniversary, The Manhattan Fish Market has launched the MFM Rewards Programme, among other initiatives, as part of its commitment to marking the occasion and further establishing its presence in Colombo’s seafood scene.

As a highlight of the anniversary festivities, The Sunday Morning Brunch had the privilege of sampling a selection of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. During this occasion, CEO Khalil Ul Rahman shared reflections on The Manhattan Fish Market’s journey.


“The Manhattan Fish Market was the pioneering seafood fine dining international franchise to grace Sri Lanka. Looking back over the past decade, we are pleased to have delivered on our vision of providing top-notch seafood fine dining. As we anticipate celebrating 20 years in another decade, we remain committed to ongoing expansions, introducing new dishes, and offering special promotions for special occasions,” he remarked.

Among the dishes sampled was the Fish N’ Chips, opting for the prawn variant (Dozen of Prawns). While the concept of fish and chips may seem simple, the execution is intricate. The Manhattan Fish Market’s rendition showcased skill, but the batter lacked seasoning, leaving room for improvement. The hand-cut chips, however, stood out with delightful seasoning, though it’s worth noting they are closer to potato chips than traditional French fries.

The Grilled and Baked Adventure, offering a choice of proteins and sauces, was another experience. Opting for the barramundi with garlic herb sauce, the flavors were commendable, but the barramundi was slightly overcooked.

A signature dish, The Small Grill, featured grilled dory, prawns, calamari, and garlic herb rice, accompanied by a spicy seafood dipping sauce. The grilled seafood took center stage, showcasing each protein’s unique flavor. However, the seafood sauce, reminiscent of lunu miris, might not suit every palate, although it paired well with the rice.

Complementing the culinary experience were three of The Manhattan Fish Market’s drinks: Botanic Passion, Citrus Mint, and Sweet Alabama. Each beverage, from the Earl Grey-infused Botanic Passion to the chocolate and peanut butter Sweet Alabama, offered a delightful accompaniment, although the latter’s flavor combination may not appeal to everyone

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