Permits to import electric vehicles under review

Permits to import electric vehicles under review

Many thought that the future for electrically powered vehicles was very bright, but it seems that the inconsistency of government policy seems to dampen the prospects of this cost-effective technology.

Electric vehicles produce no emissions of toxic air pollution, and their increased use in Colombo can significantly improve the city’s air quality.

Sri Lankan government’s policies have been inconsistent and have been killing the electronic vehicle system in Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan government has implemented aggressive taxation regimes and tariffs on popular automobiles such as the Toyota Aqua and Prius, which are seen as low- to mid-range vehicles in international markets. This resulted in these vehicles being priced as luxury vehicles in Sri Lanka and being out of the reach of most buyers.
Complaints of abuse.

The article also mentions that the government has not encouraged the building of sufficient EV charging stations in privately owned petrol stations and has not allowed the import of replacement batteries for these cars.

Now President Ranil Wickremesinghe has directed the Treasury to take a final decision about the continuity of the facility for migrant workers to import electric vehicles on concessionary terms, following complaints of abuse.
Vehicle importers, when contacted by Lanka News Line, said that preventing abuse and stopping imports of electric vehicles are two separate issues.

The Treasury has expressed concern to the President over the facility being abused to a large extent, including the undervaluation of vehicles.
According to Customs officials, about 100 vehicles have been imported by migrant workers and  75 cars have been imported by a single company well supported by higher-ups. being imported by one company.
Among the vehicles imported are BMW (22), Mercedes Benz (13), Porsche (05), Ford Mustang (06), Audi (06), Tesla (04), Peugeot (08), MG (18), Volkswagen (22) and Nissan (10).

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