Putin in Major Advance

Putin in Major Advance

Putin ‘may launch all-out bid to seize second city’ – as Western officials fear major Russian advance.

Russia has launched fresh strikes on critical infrastructure – with Kyiv residents told to cut energy consumption every night for the rest of 2024. Meanwhile, Western officials reportedly fear a major Russian advance – amid concerns Vladimir Putin could launch an attempt to seize Kharki

Russian missiles and drones destroyed a large electricity plant near Kyiv and hit power facilities in several regions of Ukraine on Thursday, officials said, ramping up pressure on the embattled energy system as Kyiv runs low on air defences.
Ukraine’s Air Force said it shot down 18 of the incoming missiles and 39 of the drones. Russia fired 82 missiles and drones in total, including six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles – none of which Ukraine’s air defenses were able to down.



There were no casualties, and the attack has not resulted in power cuts in Ukraine’s capital region Kyiv or other regions supplied by Trypilska TPP.

The Trypilska Thermal Power Plant (TPP), the largest supplier of electricity to Kyiv, Cherkasy and Zhytomyr regions, was completely destroyed, according to the energy company Centrenergo. The company has lost 100% of its power generation across its three plants, which have all been destroyed or occupied by Russia.
Vladimir Putin mocked planned Ukraine peace talks and claimed Russia would never accept “any schemes that have nothing to do with reality”.

Switzerland said it would host a peace conference in June to help chart a path toward peace in Ukraine after more than two years of fighting.

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