Ranil Disrespected ?

Ranil Disrespected ?

Ranil Wckramasingha is not some one who publicly reacts to been humiliated. he is well seasoned not to react to provocation. Even when parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara used foul language on him he did react provocatively. How ever this time it’s bit different. The Presidential Secretariat has ordered a full investigation to determine whether disciplinary action should be taken over the conduct of certain Western Province graduate teachers during the ceremony held on Wednesday at Temple Trees to award letters of appointment to them.


The order had come following several complaints regarding what was deemed disrespectful behaviour by some of the graduate teachers.

The complaints related to some teachers refusing to rise when President Ranil Wickremesinghe, government ministers, and officials entered the hall, and teachers talking loudly amongst themselves or being on their phones as the ceremony was taking place.

Initial inquiries have revealed that the behaviour was part of an organised protest by a section of the teachers who are aligned with a certain political party, according to those in the President’s office and the Education Ministry. Officials claim they have unearthed WhatsApp messages in some teacher groups where those attending were told not to stand when the President and other government dignitaries arrived and left. Some of the messages show teachers present celebrating the fact that a large section refused to stand for the President and scolding those who had chosen to stand and ignore instructions sent via WhatsApp.


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