Rose Onion From China

Rose Onion From China

Sri Lanka will import onions from China in a bid to deal with the current shortage .

The shortage has been caused by the export ban imposed by India .

Rose Onion

Trade Minister Nalin Fernando said  verity known as Rose Onion will be imported from China, how ever the quantity of onions imported will be less than before .

.Rose Onion is  similar to the  usual big onion  said Nalin Fernando .

Sri Lanka has cut a protectionist 80 rupee a kilo tax on big onions to 10 rupees after India banned the export of b-onion allowing ‘rose onions’ to be imported, State Minister for Finance, Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said.

Local farmers who spoke to Lanka News Line said that they are worried that this tax cut and Chinese imports could push prices down and incur loss to them.The taxes were cut through a gazette notice issued at midnight through a Special Commodity Levy Act.


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