Namal in Driving Seat

Namal in Driving Seat

Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), at its Executive Committee meeting, appointed MP Namal Rajapaksa as the national organizer of the party.

This appointment spells out the future of the Rajapaksha legacy. On  one hand the popularity of the  Rajapakshas is challenged and it will be very much up  hill task to restore credibility for the Rajapaksha brand .



On the  hand the nationalistic sentiments popularized and nurtured  by the Rajapaksha  family remains a powerful tool within a  fragmented society.

The Rajapakska’s  are certainly aware of this reality and this point of time may support the Presidential aspirations of Wickramasinha.

Many political commentator’s observe that the attempts to reorganize the SLPP by Basil Rajapaksha has received a look warm reaction from party members who are undecisive.

In a recent media interview Basil Rajapaksha said that he would like to  lead a quiet life devoid of politics as he is now a old person.

Namal Rajapaksha’s political future will very much depend on the verdict in the court cases filed against him

Namal Rajapaksa,  is alleged to have laundered 45m Sri Lankan rupees ($310,000; £240,000) through two firms.

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