Super Internet

Super Internet

Aston University in Birmingham researchers have come up with a 301 terabits per second internet– the equivalent of 9,000 HD films – using a standard optical fibre.

In just one minute a movie listed on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) could be downloaded using this internet .

This is much faster than any broadband connection available anywhere in the world.

The average broadband speed Is around 50-70 megabits per second and the new super intent uses new wavelength bands that have not been previously used in fibre optic systems.

Optical Processing Device

A new optical processing device been used to achieve record breaking speed .
“Broadly speaking, data was sent via an optical fibre like a home or office internet connection,” said Dr Ian Phillips from Aston University’s School of Computer Science and Digital Technologies.

“However, alongside the commercially available C- and L-bands, we used two additional spectral bands called E-band and S-band. Such bands traditionally haven’t been required because the C- and L-bands could deliver the required capacity to meet consumer needs.”

The ability to increase speeds without deploying new fibres and cables also makes it a greener way to upgrade commercial internet speeds.

Sri Lanka has 12.34 million internet users, with an internet penetration rate of 56.3% while most of the customers are satisfied with current speed of approximately 20-37 MBPS.

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