National Council  Purpose lost

National Council Purpose lost

The national council formulated to have a dialog and provide guidance may be another burden to taxpayers, point out many civil society activists.

Given the current situation, it could be another talk shop in which parliamentarians and those selected by the government meet up without broader representation from the diverse communities who want to have a voice.

A “National Council” (NC) is o be set up to guide short, medium, and long-term national policies representing all recognized political parties.

There are a number of other structures such as  Pradeshiya sabhas and provincial councils to discuss matters on policies. Opposition parties, while criticizing the government for diluting the National Council proposal, all in parliament’s opposition have voted for the bill.

This council is said to be set up as a result of the people’s struggle that made it clear that the citizens of this country are not sufficiently represented in the process of decision-making on matters related to governance however the citizens have not been adequately represented within the current council setup that has been proposed.

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