Sinopec opens first fuel station at Mattegoda

Sinopec opens first fuel station at Mattegoda

Sinopec, a china based international petroleum giant officially commenced its business operations in Sri Lanka by opening their first fuel filling station in C & A gas station in Mattegoda, Colombo.

The filling station will also offer both petrol and diesel at Rs. 3 less than the other fuel stations. It was also significant to see that no big ceremony was witnessed for this landmark event as only top management of Sinopec in China and the staff of the gas station participated.

An official at the event Chandima Kapuruge said that Sinopec will take steps to build a supermarket complex within the petrol station. In addition new pumps too would be installed. Sinopec will also soon start operations in 150 filling stations countrywide.

Of these filling stations 50 will be newly established while Sinopec has entered in agreements with the balance 100 filling stations to serve under the name of Sinopec.

Under this Sinopec is granted a 20-year license to operate 150 filling stations in Sri Lanka by the Power and Energy Ministry. Kapuruge added that this gas station was previously under CEYPETCO and after entering into an agreement with sinopec, the services will be carried out under the official logo of sinopec.

Accordingly, all the color symbols maintained under CEYPETCO will be removed and service activities will be carried out by using the color symbols and uniforms owned by sinopec organizations. Fuel will be dispensed through the 16 fuel pumps of the new fuel station under a concession.

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