SL  wants to make it easier to pay taxes!

SL wants to make it easier to pay taxes!

The government is sending tax offices on wheels (mobile services) to help people open tax files. This is because they want more people to pay taxes, especially since they promised a big chunk of money to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Right now, not enough people pay taxes. The government wanted 1 million new taxpayers this year, but only a few thousand signed up. Why? Because opening a tax file can be a hassle, with lots of paperwork and unfriendly officers.
So, the government is making it easier! The mobile offices will travel around Sri Lanka, and you can open a tax file without leaving your village. Plus, they’re working on making online registration simpler
Remember, everyone who earns more than 10 dollars a day needs to pay taxes. This helps the government build roads, schools, and hospitals. It also helps keep the country strong and healthy.

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