Social Media Flooded With Comments on Sanath

Social Media Flooded With Comments on Sanath

As preparations are underway for the funeral of the late State Minister of Water Supply Sanath social media is been flooded with comments on his political life. Most of them are of a very negative nature.

The Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksha said that these negative comments made about a dead person is highly inappropriate while many others argue that the negativity is reflection of the public sentiment towards the Politicians in power who act with impunity.

. Nishantha, known for his history of violent behavior both inside and outside the Parliament, faced a two-week suspension  due to his unruly conduct within the Chambers.

The State Minister’s controversial past includes instances of physical violence, such as an incident at Halawata Hospital where individuals were reportedly beaten by Nishantha. Years ago, he even attacked the Arachchikattu Divisional Secretary over a disagreement involving an alleged illegal act. The suspension this week stems from Nishantha’s disruptive attempt to snatch documents from the Opposition leader during a speech in Parliament.

In a surprising turn of events, news broke on Thursday (25) of Nishantha’s tragic death in a fatal accident on the Katunayake Expressway. The 48-year-old politician, a staunch supporter of the Rajapaksa family, had left his house late Wednesday to attend two weddings but never made it back. His Land Cruiser collided with a moving container truck around 1 a.m., resulting in the immediate deaths of both Nishantha and his security officer, Police Constable Jayakody.

Sanath Nishantha with Deshabandu at the Galle Face just before the attack on protesters

Nishantha, who entered Parliament in 2015, served as the State Minister of Water Supply under the present government. Despite his loyalty to the Rajapaksas, his political career was marred by controversies. He faced criticism for leading a mob to assault protesters in Galle Face in 2019, resulting in severe backlash and property destruction. His dissent against the Aragalaya and contempt of court charges further added to his controversial legacy.


In the Parliament, Nishantha was notorious for engaging in brawls and disrupting proceedings, leading to suspensions and apologies to the Speaker. His failure to address the common man’s concerns during times of hardship, such as power shortages and fuel crises, contributed to his unpopularity.


While Nishantha’s political legacy may not be remembered, his sudden and tragic departure leaves a void within his family.
His Daughter who got close the lifeless body of Sanatha Nishantha said’ Father you gave us everything what we asked .I am asking only one thing ,Please jus get up once’ Sanath Nishantha leaves a very young family.

What ever said these little children will not have their father. ‘some deaths create shock and dismay; while some gives lessons’  said a social media post .As Sri Lankan politicians grapple with public dissatisfaction, the passing of Nishantha serves as a reminder of the impermanence of political power and the eventual reckoning every politician faces.

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