Sri Lanka Conducts AI Readiness Assessment

Sri Lanka Conducts AI Readiness Assessment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how things work in different parts of the economy, like farming, transportation, schools, and healthcare. The idea of being ready for AI called “AI readiness,” is becoming important. It means getting ready to use AI to make things better in different areas.

In Sri Lanka, the government is taking AI seriously. They made a group to plan how Sri Lanka can use AI well. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is also helping by starting something called the AI Readiness Assessment (AIRA). This is like a check-up to see how Sri Lanka is doing with AI and to help plan for the future.

UNDP made a tool called AIRA, which has a big survey for people in the government and interviews with important people from different areas like schools, businesses, and others. In October 2023, experts from UNDP talked to these people to understand how Sri Lanka is using technology.

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The State Minister of Technology in Sri Lanka, Kanaka Herath, said that they already have a group working on the National AI Strategy. AIRA will help them figure out where Sri Lanka stands now in using AI and what they need to do to make the best use of it. They want to focus on important things like data, technology, and skills.

Malin Herwig from UNDP said that AI can make public services better, help the economy grow, and create new jobs. But to get these benefits, Sri Lanka needs to be prepared. The assessment will help find areas where they should invest and make a plan to use AI the best way, keeping in mind the importance of using AI ethically.

Looking ahead, AI will keep growing and influencing the world’s economy. Being ready for AI is crucial for a government to do well in this AI-driven time. It’s not just about making more money but also about using AI in a way that is right and fair for everyone.

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